The ENCLAVE Project


This publication identifies and collects good practices and malpractices in the participating countries and the EU with regards to forensic interviews and criminal procedures. Good practice protocol including practical advice and applied solutions on procedures as well as on the minimum standards in procedural, operational and assistance terms.

Comprehensive transnational comparative report as well as
Policy Recommendations will be developed to ensure proper
implementation of forensic interview procedures as well as
of the Directive 2012/29/EU in the participating countries.

Report about training needs of criminal justice & legal
professionals (and forensic interviewers if existing) in the
participating countries.

A comprehensive training set of materials on the practical aspects
& tips on the application of legal framework concerning the
forensic interview procedure for child victims and witnesses of
abuse, relevant for the whole EU and in line with
Directive 2012/29/EU.

Guidelines on how to support and provide support to children
victims and witnesses of abuse and their families during the 
criminal procedures.

The leaflet contains all the project related information, including project summary, main goal, aims and partnership details.

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EU Victim Support Organisations Webinar
Friday 20 January, 2023
Nicholas Spetsidis, UWAH “The ENCLAVE Project”
Helena Soleto Muñoz, UC3M “The Benchmark Protocol and Comparative Report – Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Italy and Spain”
Sofia Thanasoula, UoC “Training Material for Justice Professionals”

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