The ENCLAVE Project

Union of Women Associations of Heraklion Prefecture (UWAH, EL)

is an established NGO in Crete, Greece that provides support services for abused women and children such as psychological support and legal advice. Since 2015, UWAH has participated and led several EU and EEA grants projects. In ENCLAVE, UWAH will act as the lead coordinator of project activities, due to its strong experience with project management and implementation.

The University of Crete, Psychology Department (UoC, EL)

offers a range of courses on Counselling Skills training, Criminology, Victimization, Criminal –Forensic Psychology, that are taught in both undergraduate and graduate level. Therefore, UoC will coordinate the content development for the capacity building of legal and justice professionals, due to its strong expertise on treatment of victims in criminal proceedings. One member of the UoC team is the coordinator for the development of the protocol for forensic interview for child abuse in Greece, while the second member of UoC team is the forensic interviewer for South part of Greece and Crete Region.

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M, ES)

has a project team specialized in criminal procedure, restorative justice and victim’s rights; having previously coordinated the FAIRCOM and RE-TREAT Justice projects. Thus, UC3M will lead the efforts of WP2 that focus on analytical activities regarding the forensic interview as well as on the development of a benchmark protocol.

Eurocrime srl–Research, Training & Consulting Srl (Eurocrime srl, IT)

is a security think tank that offers seminars, customized training courses and workshops on criminological issues, crime prevention, security and ethics to local and state institutions, law enforcement agencies and to private sector actors. At the same time, the company is involved in several EU funded projects and it offers a wide number of training opportunities on EU funding, project planning and management. As an experienced training provider, in ENCLAVE it will coordinate the capacity building activities for victim support organizations with contribution from, mainly, WSIC and UWAH.

The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KULeuven, BE)

is a leading academic institution, which will be responsible for the overall evaluation of the project as well as for coordinating the impact assessment of project results, based on its significant experience in project/impact evaluation in other EU projects.

Women Support & Information Centre (WSIC, EE)

is a women rights NGO that provides shelter and counselling services to victims of abuse and it is Estonia’s 1st gender violence organization and has worked in several international projects since 2006. In ENCLAVE it will be responsible for the dissemination activities of the project, based on its experience through other EU projects and its dissemination capacity to relevant entities across Europe.